Welcome to Circle C Enterprises, Inc.



Circle C Enterprises, Inc. is a Texas company incorporated March 3, 1989.  Our principal office is located in Palestine, Texas.  All of our officers have been with the company since that time.

Circle C Enterprises, Inc. specializes in the dismantling, match marking and transportation to the port of all types of chemical plants specifically ammonia, urea and nitric acid.

Circle C Enterprises, Inc. maintains on staff our own engineers for the match marking and special needs that be required such as lifting flange design as well as any special supports for the rail or ocean shipment.

Safety has and will be our first priority.  All our current dismantling employees have been with the company for the past five years.  This and our attention to detail is reflected in our excellent safety record.

Circle C Enterprises, Inc. owns and maintains all the equipment necessary for relocation of a project.  This includes rough terrain cranes up to 50T and supported by our four company owned tractor rigs and 12 trailers.

We are able to deliver to the port break bulk as well as containers in a timely manner.


·  Worked for Shell Oil Co. and Shell Offshore from July, 1964 to August, 1988.

·  Worked for 3 years in maintenance and construction and 11 years as plant operator for the Shell Oil Co., Slocum, TX field.

·  H2S certified and worked in H2S environment for 14 years in the Slocum field

·  Worked 10 years for Shell Offshore in tear down, rebuild and revision of offshore platforms.

·  Certified crane operator 

·  Certified with the U. S. Government, Dept of Interior to train Crane operators

·  Trained at Texas A & M Fire School

·  Certified plug and abandonment with Dept of Interior & Mineral Management Service, formerly USGS

·  Founder of Circle C Enterprises, Inc. in March of 1989 and since has been President.  Over the last 21 years has supervised the dismantling, match marking and packaging for shipment to the port for overseas shipment of various ammonia, urea, nitrate and etc. plants.


·  Kevin Croft graduated May, 1988 from Palestine High School, Palestine, Texas, USA.

·  He was hired by Circle C Enterprises, Inc. June, 1989 as Assistant Vice President.  He has worked as a crane operator and as job foreman.

·  Promoted to Vice President in March of 1995 and has been a major part of Circle C Enterprises working as a project coordinator and negotiator directly involved in all projects.

· Kevin has 21 years of experience in the dismantling, match marking and transportation to the port of chemical plants including ammonia, urea and nitric acid.

 Contact Kevin Croft, Vice President if we can be of assistance on providing cost analysis for any potential projects in the United States or Canada.